Chemelil Sugar Company offers a variety of products to the market including sugar and molasses.

Our Products

Mill Sugar

This quality product with a tradition transcending over five decades is available in the Mill Brown Sugar variety.
Because our customer base is varied and diverse, we have packed our products in various packages as follows;
• Branded Sugar: 1/4kg, 1/2kg, 1kg and 2kg
• Commodity Sugar: 25kg and 50kg

In order to make it easier for our customers to identify and select Chemelil Sugar off the shelves, we are in the process of increasing capacity of our branded sugar house to 20% from the current 8%

Baled branded company sugar
KEBS Standardization Mark
The KEBS Standardization Mark

By Products

Molasses is one of the major co-products of sugar processing. It comes out of the separation of the last boiling which produces the last low grade sugar and the last molasses, normally called the final molasses. Molasses is a heavy, viscous dark-brown liquid consisting mainly of sucrose, water, reducing sugars (glucose and fructose) ashes and other organic compounds. It is normally about 3% of the weight of cane processed. More molasses is produced when low quality cane is processed.

They ferment the molasses and produce spirits (ethanol) and yeast. Other users are local farmers who use it as animal feed. The company sells this majorly to;
• Industrial users about 80% of annual production e.g. Agro-Chemical & Food Co, Spectre International, London Distillers etc
• Bakers 5% e.g. United Millers, Mayfair Holdings etc
• Farmers about 15% e.g. Kipsinende Farm, Chemusian Farm, Koiyet Farm and other smallholdings farms.

Filter Cake

Filter cake also called filter mud is a co-product from the filtration station. The mud settled in the Clarifier is about 70% saturated with the clear juice. This requires that the muds are filtered in order to recuperate the juice and separate the precipitated solids. This mud is mixed with bagacillo and other additives like lime and flocculants. This mixture is filtered at the vacuum filters to produce filter cake and filtrate. The filtrate is re-processed alongside the incoming juice from the mills.

Filter cake volumes can vary between 4 – 6% of the weight of the cane processed. The composition of filter mud is mainly protein, fibre, moisture, ash, calcium, phosphorus and nitrogenous compounds. These constituents make filter cake a useful fertilizer. All the filter cake produced is disposed into the farms as manure. When used in the cane fields it supplements inorganic fertilizers.


Bagasse is the co-product, which is a residue of the milling process. When cane fibre is crushed at the mill, the juice collected is sent to the Process House. The residue, called bagasse is taken to the boilers to act as the fuel to generate steam to run the factory. Bagasse amounts to about 40% of the weight of cane milled.
Bagasse consists of fibre, pith, vessel segments and other non-fibres. The bagasse has moisture of about 49 – 50%. The bagasse produced generates steam at a ratio of 1:2. This means there is excess bagasse produced which can be utilized in other areas like Co-generation, production of bagasse boards, agricultural mulch, ethanol, animal feed, plastics etc.

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