By Bosco Magare - Company Corporate Affairs

SUGAR DIRECTORATE (SD) acting Director Willis Audi has lauded the resilience of Chemelil Sugar Company employees and management for striving to turn-around the firm in the face of adverse operating business challenges.

The new Government appointed Sugar Directorate Director while on a familiarization visit to Chemelil Sugar Company has commended the firm’s employees and management for ensuring the Company surmounted debilitating business operation challenges experienced in the year 2019.

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“I want to thank you for the sacrifices that employees and management of this Company continue to make to turn-around the business fortunes of this firm,” says Audi.

Audi was speaking during a meeting with Company senior management at the firm’s boardroom at the start of a familiarization tour of the Company’s key business units-the factory and agriculture department’s nucleus estate.

After listening to management briefs on efforts Company employees and management made to overcome almost insurmountable business challenges experienced in the year 2019, the visibly moved Sugar Directorate stated “ I am humbled and thank you for that.”

Company business challenges briefs were presented by the firm’s acting Managing Director Gabriel Nyangweso, acting Head of Factory Joseph Kiilu, Head of Finance Emmanuel Ngala, and Marketing Manager Linda Kiplagat and acting Corporate Affairs Manager Bosco Magare.

‘I also want to thank Chemelil Sugar Company Managing Director for the sterling efforts, to have come this far,” says Audi.

Audi continued to state “let us continue to work together. Where we will be able to help as Sugar Directorate, we will help,” says SD boss as he calls for Sugar Industry stakeholders to work together.

“Let us put our energies together to succeed. I need to push for right Government policies for the Sugar sub-sector with the joint support of all stakeholders in the industry. Even, when I don’t achieve 100 percent to meet your expectations. At least we will achieve something” Audi says.

Company Managing Director Nyangweso thanked the newly appointed Sugar Directorate, Director for considering a visit to Chemelil Sugar Company during his on-going familiarization tour of private and public-owned sugar companies located within Nyando Sugar-belt and the Western Sugar-belt.

Nyangweso pledges Company support towards the Sugar Directorate, Director’s effort to harness the energies of stakeholders in order to reform the local Sugar sub-sector.

“We are new customers of this company and have been very favorably impressed with the quality of the work performed by your staff.”