By Bosco Magare - Company Corporate Affairs

THREE electrical staff who have served the Company for a cumulative 88 years and 87 days were feted by Electrical Section employees’ during a recent pioneer retirement programme organized by Umeme Self Help Group, in a demonstration of unparalled teamwork.
The colourful retirement farewell party and a sumptuous luncheon hosted for the three electrical retirees; Daniel Obilo, Samson Agono and Samuel Omondi, was organized by Umeme Self Help Group, founded by Company Electrical Section employees.
Speaking during the function, the chief guest, Company Internal Audit Manager Jacqueline Kotonya, lauded the Electrical Section employees for organizing the retirement farewell party that was full of colour and pomp, for their colleagues.
“Am extremely impressed by the Electrical Section employees for organizing such a wonderful retirement send-off party for their colleagues,” Kotonya said.
Kotonya wished the retirees who were accompanied by their spouses during the send-off party held at Chemelil Club, a blessed, happy and enjoyable retirement period.
The Company’s acting Head of Human Resource Constance Webale encouraged the retirees to view retirement as opening of a new chapter in their lives that presents them with the invaluable opportunity to serve their various communities.
“Let me also take this opportunity to salute the retirees wives for having stood steadfastly in support of their husbands and for being the persons behind their success-which has seen them successfully attain the retirement age, “ Webale added as she lauded Electrical Section employees for organizing a send-off party for their retiring colleagues.
However, Webale lamented about the huge turn-over of employees from the Company, through retirement, natural attrition and other reasons.
She expressed optimism the staff turn-over gap will soon be filled by an employee apprentice programme being facilitated by the Federation of Kenya Employers (FKE) in partnership with other government agencies.

“FKE has already requested Chemelil Sugar Company to give them the number of employees who could be trained as apprentices. FKE initially requires 20 staff for training as artisans,” Webale revealed.
Webale noted that due to the teamwork demonstrated by Electrical employees, the Section registers the least downtime in the entire factory department adding that “you need to share this virtue with your colleagues in other sections and the Company at large.”
She pledged to revive the Company retirement send-off programme and urged employees in other departments and sections to emulate the teamwork exhibited by Electrical employees at work and in the organization of staff welfare impacting programmes, like Umeme.
Acting Head of Factory commended the retirees for their selfless service to the Company and challenged the Electrical Section employees to undertake successful quality factory maintenance as a memorable reward to their retiring colleagues.
Umeme Self-Help Group Patron David Accra Otieno who is also the Company Electrical Engineer appealed to Company management to introduce on-job training programmes to curb the current employee turn-out rate.
“I appreciate my current juniors who trained me well. Their unrivalled teamwork has enabled me achieve set goals for Electrical Section” the Electrical Engineer confessed.
Also speaking during the function Umeme Self-Help Group Chairman Michael Tabu explained that the group’s motto is inspired by the philosophy behind Ubuntu-which means ‘I am, because , we are!’.
Tabu said the self-help group founded 10 months ago is anchored on objectives of promoting cohesion and unity among Electrical Section employees, catering for welfare needs, supporting their medical requirements and organizing retirement send-off packages for retiring colleagues to celebrate their selfless work towards achieving Company goals.
He disclosed the group intends to take up an insurance scheme and start business investment programmes for Electrical Section employees.
The retirees who spoke during the function recalled their work experiences and implored their colleagues to continue working hard and to maintain teamwork.
The curtains came down at the colourful retirees farewell party with the serving of a mouth–watering cake to the retirees, their spouses, Electrical Section employees and invited guests, coupled with a gift presentation ceremony to the retirees, chief guest and the day’s motivational speaker Pastor David Otieno of Jesus Celebration Centre (JCC).

“We are new customers of this company and have been very favorably impressed with the quality of the work performed by your staff.”