Factory Background information & Operational Capacity

At the inception of Chemelil Sugar Company Limited (CSCL) in mid 1960s, the factory had a milling capacity of 85 Tonnes of Cane Per Hour (TCH). And, in 1968 the amount of cane ground and sugar bagged by the factory was 116,519 and 10,826 tonnes, respectively, at a Tonnes of Cane/Tonnes of Sugar (TC/TS) ratio of 10.76.

The best factory production figure over the years was registered during the 1990/1991 Financial Year (FY), when the factory produced a total of 82,771 tonnes of sugar from 822,349 tonnes of milled cane at a TC/TS of 9.94.

Subsequently, in 1999 the factory’s milling capacity was improved from 125 TCH to 135 TCH and with this upgrade of the mill as at 30th June, 2012, the total cane milled and sugar produced since the Company’s inception was 23, 885,866 tonnes and 2,131,825 tonnes, respectively, at an average TC/TS ratio of 11.20.

The factory’s milling capacity now stands at 135 TCH and when fully operational, it is capable of producing up to 90,000 tonnes of sugar from 900,000 tonnes of cane in a year. The with an installed factory capacity is 2,500 tons of cane per day and the mill operates for a period of 10 months in a year with two months stoppage for annual plant (factory) maintenance.

When operational the factory generates an average of 3MW of electricity from steam boilers fired by bagasse as fuel, while the electrical deficit of 0.8MW is imported from Kenya Power Company (KPL), national grid.

CSCL’s factory receives 85 % of cane deliveries from our Outgrower farmers in Muhoroni and Nyando Sub-counties in Kisumu County, including growers in neighbouring Tinderet Sub-county in Nandi County, with the balance of 15% sugarcane supply to the factory sourced from the Company’s Nucleus Estate.


A section of factory evaporators responsible for concentrating cane juice into syrup through the process of evaporation. On the far left a Factory Process House employee is seen adjusting one of the evaporator valves. Photo By Ken Nalwa.

Factory Department’s Mandate

The core business of the factory department is to manufacture mill-white/brown sugar from extracted cane juice.


Functional Sections of the Factory include;

  • Mechanical Engineering: Responsible for undertaking mechanical maintenance and operation of mechanical plants and equipment.
  • Electrical: Responsible for factory electrical operations and electrical plants installation, maintenance.
  • Workshops: Repairs and maintenance fabrication of both mechanical and electrical equipment.
  • Quality Control: Responsible for assessment and determination of cane quality, sugar accounting while being processed, factory laboratory, generation of production reports and assessment of product quality.
  • Processing:Responsible for sugar processing from cane juice, which involves, clarification, boiling, crystallization, separation, drying, grading, packaging and storage.