Chemelil Sugar Company Limited Offers the following CSR to the community


The Company has developed an elaborate Corporate social Responsibility Charter that outlines the extent to which it collaborates with its Stakeholders in social perspectives. The policy is on its final stage of approval by the Board. However over the years, the has played part in developing education institutions, health institutions, nurtured sports, and other assitance.


The Company has two educational facilities; Chemelil Sugar Primary School and Chemelil Academy, which are modelled on high cost private schools and financed from the corporate budget. The Institutions are staffed by qualified personnel and consistently attain high standards of performance in national examinations and co-curriculum activities. School fees for children of employees admitted at the schools are subsidized by the Company. This acts as an incentive for attracting and retaining employees.


Other Services

  1. Medical Services

  2. Shows and exhibitions

  3. Sports

  4. Assistance and donations

The Company also assists the farmers through:-

  1. provision of extension services through a well established out growers Section;

  2. cane development services on loan and cash basis;

  3. Other subsidies (fertilizers etc.)


Medical Services

Chemelil Sugar offers the community as a large the provision of a health facility to cater to the medical needs of the community at large at a very friendly price with a highly qualified team of medical practitioners.
Senior Clinical Officer Mr. John Ogola takes pressure reading of a Company employee at Chemelil Sugar Health Centre. Photo By Kennedy Nalwa