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ISO 9001:2000

Now upgraded to ISO 9001:2008

Chemelil Upgrades ISO Certification | Download the copy here

Chemelil Sugar Company is now ISO 9001:2008 ISO certified, upgraded from the ISO 9001:2000 certification.  This comes after a follow up audit by Bureau Veritas which was conducted in the month of July 2010.
Company celebrates ISO 9001:2000 with Pomp

The Company celebrated its attainment of ISO 9001:2000 with pomp and splendour, a fete that was only witnessed for the first time in the company’s history.  All staff were donned in green and white or white and green, or green and black T-shirts, representing the Company’s corporate colours with faces painted with excitement.

Invited guests started streaming in from as early as 9.30am ready to join in the celebrations, after which entertainment immediately kicked off as the guests continued to settle down.  The Company’s choir, school poems and acrobatic antics and an Orutu surprise, kept the visitors and staff entertained.

Dr. Wilson Songo, the Agriculture Secretary, was the sitting Chief Guest in the morning session, awaiting the arrival of the main Chief Guest, Hon. William Ruto, Minister for Agriculture.  Dr Songo, meanwhile, presided over the launch of the website, before making an appreciation tour of the factory over the extent of rehabilitation work.

The Minister for Industrialisation, Hon. Henry Kosgey, arrived amid thunderous applaud from the staff, farmers and other stakeholder.  And patient paid, when at 3.30pm the Minister for Agriculture, Hon. William Ruto, arrived to a rousing welcome and formally presided over the occasion.
Addresses were made, and immediately after the ISO certificate was unveiled, the cake was cut (by the two ministers) and guest proceeded for a luncheon. (July 17th 2009)

Chemelil Celebrates ISO 9001:2000 Attainment
Having been certified as ISO 9001:2000 company by Bureau Veritas, Chemelil Sugar Company is celebrating the fete through a number of exciting commemorative activities, which culminate in an address on 17th July 2009 to both the staff and all stakeholders. The ultimate function to be held at the Company premises is expected to be graced by dignitaries including the Permanent Secretary for Ministry of Agriculture, Dr. Romano Kiome.
The following is the outline of the events line up for three consecutive days;



(Football, Cycling, Tug of war, Athletics)

1. Football

Inter-departmental teams, pitting each other. Teams must include two ladies in the playing unit.

The winning team shall be awarded Kshs Kshs, 9000.00.

Only the winning team shall be awarded the ultimate prize

Coordinator: Indangasi


This brings together Boda Boda riders. There shall be 3 categories of awards:

No. 1 - Bicycle worth kshs 7,000.00

No. 2 Voucher of kshs 3,000.00

No. 3 Voucher for a bale of 24Kg sugar

Coordinator: Dismus

3. Tug of War

Inter-departmental events. Group award of kshs 6,000, for the winning team only

Teams must include two ladies on their respective sides

Coordinator: Elly Owiti

4. Athletics

This event shall involve Men who are over 50 years only, and ladies who are over 35 years only.

Two events for men on one hand and ladies on the other hand.

Award for Male winner Kshs 1,000.00

Award for female winner kshs 1,000.00

Only the number ones shall be awarded.

Coordinator: Kiprop


On 8th July, 2009 the Managing Director Eng. Edward Musebe, led the staff, joined by the community in a mop up exercise for Chemelil Round About Centre. This exercise was preceeded by a tree planting exercise.

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