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Company Brief

Chemelil Sugar Company Limited is located along the Awasi/Nandi Hills road in Nyando District. It is approximately 50Kms east of Kisumu town.

The Company is a State Corporation which was established in 1965 to produce mill white sugar.

Initial Objectives
The main objectives for setting up the Company were:


  • To produce high quality mill white sugar as part of a national strategy for achieving self sufficiency in sugar requirement in the country; and
  • To contribute towards the integrated national economic development within western Kenya.

Current Objectives:

(i) Efficiency in production and service delivery

(ii) High sales turnover and returns to shareholders

(iii) Profit maximization

(iv) Stimulation of economic development


Our Mission

To produce and market quality sugar and related products efficiently and competitively beyond the expectations of our stakeholders

Our Vision

The Company of choice in the manufacture of sugar and related products.

Our Values

1) Efficiency in production and service delivery at all times

2) Uphold honesty and integrity in all actions

3) Attach great importance to the contributions by all and in share the Company's success with stakeholders

4) Build sustainable relationships with the stakeholders to enhance the Company status

5) Observe human rights and equality for all and at the same time respect the dignity of the individuals

6) Attach great importance to teamwork and encourage the same thorough consultative approach to Management

7) Remain committed to fulfilling the Company's goals and objectives and the to take precedence over individual objectives

8) Encourage and reward achievement and innovation by staff

9) Conform to high standards with respect to safety, health and environmental issues

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